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Local Point Marketing Group is a group of internet marketing companies.

We teamed up in order to provide complete internet marketing services.

Every business needs online marketing, it is no longer optional.

Ask for a free business consultation and report today.

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Your business can benefit from the visit of one of our experts,  this free consultation will help you determine your needs.

Our clients need to make money online, in addition they must inform their clients of any changes.

Another need modern businesses have is flexibility.

Especially relevant is their ability to make changes to their sites easily.

Our clients always receive training so they can make modifications with ease.

In addition, modern websites must be user friendly.

Ease of use is another of our trademarks.

Hundreds of satisfied customers are our best reference.

Contact Us Today, We are your Miami SEO Specialist.


Miami SEO Company - Memmbers Local Point Marketing Group

LocalMiami SEO company Point Marketing – Based in Miami, FL.

Is a full service digital marketing agency.

Serving small and medium sized companies with all of their digital marketing needs.

We offer the complete line of internet marketing services.

Because the internet is always changing, we are constantly upgrading our knowledge.

As a result, we monitor our clients SEO, local directory submissions and online reputation.

Our clients therefore get the benefits of great website design.

Paid Promotions like pay per click advertising and  search engine marketing, are also available. Read more…..


miami seo 123 Text Text Messaging SMS123-TEXT – Located in Miami Beach.

Offers Text Message Marketing services.

SMS promotions, text message coupons, appointment reminders and more.

All these services are done via text messages sent to mobile phones, tablets and iPads.

SMS messages have a 98% open rate.

Existing clients get to know about your coupons, specials or deals within minutes.

When smart phones became popular, the company began to design Text Message Marketing campaigns and has continued pioneering in the field of SMS. Read More……


Miami SEO and mobile website design company123-GoMobile

A Mobile website solutions developer.

Specializing in responsive websites specifically made for viewing on mobile devices.

At 123-GoMobile every site is designed to work automatically when viewed on any type of hand held device.

We build three types of mobile websites.

  • Mobile websites –

    Designed to have its own Search Engine Optimized pages, which complement the main website.

    Therefore local users can  view your business when searching.

  • Responsive Websites –

    Built to replace  your old website, now it will automatically resize the screen size to fit  every kind of device.

    The design also includes SEO for better ranking on search engines and local directories.

  •  Mobile Apps –

    Your clients have you at the tip of their hands all the time.

Another great feature of mobile optimized websites is their fast loading pages that offer basic business information.

They are asy to read on small screens therefore give evry business a modern electronic presentation card.

To find out more about our mobile ready websites and other services, Read more….


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We are Your Miami SEO and Internet Marketing Companies.

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